Update News


Update News


Hello Gamers! Just a few updates to let you know what is going on and what is happening in the future.

Website News

The new site is content ready…meaning its ready with upcoming stream events and more. There are a few updates that still needs to be worked on but they are small and done in the background. Next is the game list has been updated as well, however games are always being added in so the list is still growing…in fact I have more games to add plus another list of games as well. But other then those two items…site is ready to rock and roll.

Channel News

On the Twitch Channel Page a few updates has or will be happening. First we got new games for this month, with me trying out eve online for a while. New times for the streaming schedule will be added soon (reason can be read in the last news part of this post) it should mean longer streaming times for game playing with the hope to pick things back up (hoping)  I have gotten a NVIDIA SHIELD tablet K1 for mobile playing and streaming…since it has the ability to stream to twitch I brought one for that purpose so far after a bit of testing I think I have everything setup the way it needs to be but will test with a few more games to see.

Other News

There is work on branding the channel, trying to get thing to the next level and having something done better then I could ever do seem like the right way to do it. The reason for the change of times is due to my temp job was done…we all got letter saying we were done and good bye…my last day was Nov 4. Real Life before that was crazy as well as I am trying to get the apartment cleaned up, so its been busy for PC or console streaming. Even with the loss of the temp job (I still have my part job though) budget for buying new games will be tight but doable…There are a few games I want to get plus Nintendo Switch…DAY ONE BUY,,,,um so yea.

So that it for updates for now, I will try to post more news then I did before, to keep everyone update on what is happening and stuff. Happy Gaming!


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